Content strategy is really about telling stories

... so, let's find out about your story

Content is king

You know your market, and your product, but do you know your story?

Organizations have brands, missions, and core values. Important. But how do your tell your story so that audiences will know what you mean?

Stories sell brands

Kids love a good story. Parents know this. Adults love a good story too. Marketers know that stories sell brands and products. And good stories make those brands and products memorable.

Understand your audience, and they will understand you

Employees? Customers? Donors? Readers? Future clients?  Knowing your audiences, their interests and values will help you connect.

It's not just your story

In the old days, marketing was all about you. Today it's all about your  clients. They want information that is interesting and relevant, and not just about your brand.

Content is king

Clients are engaged when they have content that stimulates interest in their business.  They want to share articles and videos, download books and infographics that generates interest. 

The hunger for content is insatiable

Finding, curating and creating content is a full time job. Your clients want more. You need to keep them interested with new and fresh content. Every. Single. Day.

So, who am I ...

Hi there,  my name is Gail Lethbridge

And I've been using words to explain things for 30 years.

I've written for newspapers, magazines, blogs, digital media and social media.

I've also written political and social opinions in a weekly newspaper column.

I've written thought leadership for brands, CEOs, the tech sector and not-for-profits.

And I've done academic pieces and white papers, translating complex material into content that audiences can understand

So what is my secret sauce?

It's simple: Keep it simple. Use as few words as possible. Know the client and the audience. And do the research.

Getting the message right starts by getting to know the client, their goals and audiences. That starts with asking the right questions and listening closely to the answers.

Once we get there, we are in business. I am ready and raring to roll.

... clients are hungry for good content. They want it fresh and up to date. This takes time, effort and lots of experience. Let us take the burden of content creation off your shoulders

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"Sorry this letter was so long, I didn't have time to write a short one."

- Blaise Pascal, French mathematician